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Welcome to 13 GEARS

Photo credit to Thomas Dean Photography (13 GEARS 2015)

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What Is Steampunk Minnesota?

Use our website to keep up with the latest Steampunk doings in Minnesota and the greater midwest. Fore more info visit our Events Page  also, showcasing some of our local steampunk artisans and businesses! Please visit our Local Steampunk Businesses Page! 

13 Gears: An Eclectic Steampunk Event

 13 GEARS is our annual steampunk  held in NE Minneapolis, MN!  Please  visit www.13GEARS.info  or  www.facebook.com/groups/13GEARS

Upcoming Steampunk Events

October 8, 2017 -- A Gathering of Steampunkers and Photographers in St. Paul, MN

October 14, 2017 -- DIODES Meet Up at Clockwerks in Minneapolis,  MN

October  15, 2017 -- Steampunk Costume Party to Celebrate the Library's 100th Birthday in St. Paul, MN

November 2-5, 2017 -- TESLACON presents The Bucharest Bungle in Madison, WI

Looking for MORE events across the midwest - if you know of any that I do not have listed, please email me!! 

For more info and links to their websites on each of these steampunk events visit our EVENTS PAGE -- thanks!

Contact Tara Vojta of Steampunk Minnesota  •  steampunkmn@gmail.com  •  facebook.com/steampunkmn 

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